Who knew I had it in me?

The daughter of a seamstress. Yet, I never had a desire to learn how to sew. The granddaughter of a self-made business woman. Yet, I had no interest in business. 

It wasn’t until 2013 when I lost my job that I heard the voice of my grandmother from heaven say “You have to make your own way”. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I finally did. In 2014 I had this crazy idea to make handmade clutch bags. Now how was I supposed to do that if I never learned how to sew? With the help of my mom and older cousin, I realized I could teach myself how to sew and Clutch by Indie Nicole was born; but something just didn’t feel right. I mean I liked making clutch handbags, but it just wasn’t my thing. Now what?

I love to travel, it’s my happy place. When traveling there are 3 things that are a must: I need to be stylish, comfy, and my bag needs to match my fly. I’ve traveled many times, but the summer of 2016 was a game changer for me. For some reason I kept looking at everyone’s carry-on thinking that could be my bag that they’re carrying. Needless to say I got back from my vacation, went straight to the fabric store, headed to my craft room and designed my first duffle bag. At that moment the Indie Nicole Collection was born. I had finally found something I loved to do which was to create and design travel bags and accessories for you.

I’m Nicole, your travel accessory concierge. I want to give you comfort in knowing that all your travel accessory needs can be fulfilled here. All of my bags and accessories are made with love and shipped with positive vibes. I hope to be able to design one for you soon.



Nicole Wade